Wondering about debt forgiveness, the tax code and Dairy Queen

If William Devane and Rosland Capital are so convinced that the price of gold and silver will rise, why are they selling precious metals instead of buying them? And why does Tom Selleck need a reverse mortgage?

Why don’t investment advisors all own the same stocks that they recommend or sell to their clients?

When CNBC says investors sold stocks and there’s now a record amount of cash “sitting on the sidelines,” who did they sell their stocks to?

How Does a Lifetime Elect Amass Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth? Why are there 7,000 pages in the US tax code? Does the IRS really need more employees than Google?

Why isn’t the boss of the most powerful bank in the world (the Federal Reserve) a real banker? If the federal government can cancel everyone’s student loan debt, can it cancel everyone’s mortgage payments? What about VISA balances?

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In Europe, governments own airlines and airports are owned by shareholders. Why is it the opposite in the United States?

Why are there only two Dairy Queens in Knoxville? How does Hormel sell 80 million spam boxes a year? Why is goat cheese, but not goat steak, a delight? Why do packets of crisps make so much noise? And why aren’t they resealable?

Why has the inflation-adjusted cost of LASIK dropped 30% over the past 25 years, while overall health care costs have increased 85%? When a doctor or hospital makes a mistake, why do they get paid again to fix it?

Why has the cost of undergraduate tuition increased at twice the rate of inflation since 1980? And why do government-subsidized educational institutions brag about how many students they don’t accept?

How does the NCAA still exist? Why does the NCAA still exist? How does the University of Tennessee band have two soloists when playing alma mater?

If people are flocking to a bunch of new restaurants around a new ballpark, where were they eating before? If you move sales tax revenue from one part of town to another, is that really economic development?

What does the term “affordable housing” mean for someone who does not have a job?

Why doesn’t wireless electricity exist yet? How are there still six K-Mart stores? How profitable is it to sell pillows on TV? How do airlines provide high definition movies through their inflight entertainment systems, but I can’t understand the pilot on the plane’s PA system?

Americans spend an average of three hours a day on social media. What are we used to doing? Studies repeatedly show that fit and attractive people earn more than fat and ugly people. Why is there no affinity group for ugly fat people?

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