White House concedes $ 3.5 billion bill will go down: “Less dollars will be spent” – live | US News



They just aren’t doing enough. They are not moving fast enough on President Biden’s big campaign promises.

Warning signs are everywhere.

Democrats are still fighting over their infrastructure and social spending bills. And the longer the fight goes on, the uglier it looks. Washington watchers are right – to some extent – that this is simply the way great legislation is crafted. It’s a chore.

In the end, I believe Democrats will have no choice but to push through something, no matter how small, because the consequence of failure is suicide. Democrats need to come in halfway with something they can call a victory, with something that at least comes close to the transformations Biden promised.

But the budget is not the only problem.

There is always a crisis at the border. In August, the Pew Research Center noted that the US Border Patrol had reported “nearly 200,000 encounters with migrants along the US-Mexico border in July, the highest monthly total in more than two decades.”

This is the highest number since Bill Clinton was president.

The handling of Haitian immigrants has been a particular plague on the administration, and the images of officers snapping their reins like whips will be hard to erase from memory.

In addition, the Senate parliamentarian advised Democrats against including a path to citizenship for dreamers and other undocumented immigrants in their spending bills. It is not clear whether Senate Democrats will attempt to circumvent the parliamentarian’s non-binding decision, but 92 jurists have called on them to do so.

As for the reform of the police, the negotiations on this legislation completely collapsed with the customary finger pointing as an epilogue …

… Then there is the massive and widespread assault on voting rights unfolding across the country, what some have aptly called Jim Crow 2.0 …

… Not to mention that Covid is still killing far too many Americans.

Democrats haven’t been able to do much to make their constituents happy …


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