White House calls for over $ 30 billion for disaster relief, Afghan refugees


The other fixes requested are technical errors, correcting previous laws. For example, the administration identified a need reported by the US Courts Administrative Office to correct a provision that could deny trustees in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, where debtors’ assets are sold to pay their creditors their fees. of $ 60 per case.

In addition, the White House wants Congress to consider adding a host of licensing extensions to the CR, ranging from the Department of Agriculture’s livestock reporting requirements to the Federal Aviation Administration authority “to require the use of fluorochemicals to meet agency performance standards for fire-fighting materials. “

None of the twelve annual supply bills became law within weeks of the end of the fiscal year.

The interim bill, which is expected to run through November or December, is said to be intended to give lawmakers time to come to an agreement on funding for fiscal year 2022. Democrats and Republicans still disagree on the decision. separation between defense accounts and other accounts and whether the aggregate figure of $ 1.5 trillion sought by the White House and Democratic leaders is too high.

Where is the debt ceiling?

Another issue that may need to be addressed shortly is the statutory debt ceiling, as the Treasury Department quickly runs out of money to stay within its $ 28.4 trillion borrowing limit. Top Democrats have considered adding a debt ceiling suspension to the RC, but 46 Senate Republicans have said they will not support such a measure, which bodes ill since 60 votes are needed to pass the measure. in this room.

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