Good Finance has entered into a collaboration with Ekspress Bank, which now becomes part of the platform. Therefore, we would like to welcome them, and we look forward to our users also receiving loan offers from Ekspress Bank in the future

New and better front page


It all starts at the front, why it should of course be right in the closet. Therefore, we have been working to improve it with a number of initiatives. At the top of the front page we have changed the design so that we can better communicate what Good Finance is and how the platform works. We have also slightly changed the loan slider so that it is now better connected with the first step in the application form.

On the front page we have also chosen to add customer reviews in the form of both stars and small statements

Brand new subpages

Brand new subpages

We had to admit that our subpages were not the best in graphic terms. Therefore, we have changed a lot of them so that they now match the rest of the page. At the same time, we have added a number of new sub-pages with lots of valuable information that users can benefit from. The following sub-pages have been added to Good

– Housing loan

– The car loan

– Mortgages

– Consumer loans

– Mortgages

– Collective loans

– Borrow money

– Loan calculator

We have also opened up our blog, where we regularly write about relevant issues within loans and finances.

New Step 2 in the application form

New Step 2 in the application form

In addition to a few new fields, we have updated the design of step two in the application form. It has become more manageable and at the same time matches our new front page, which gives a better user experience.

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