September 26th most popular birthday in UK, statistics show


If your birthday falls on September 26th, you are joining a pretty big club as it has turned out to be the most common date to be born in the UK.

September is already a very popular month for unborn babies, and according to statistics, this popularity peaks on the 26th.

The Office of National Statistics shared the data in 2015, calculating the number of births for each day of the year.

He found that over two decades, September 26 took the top spot, with an average of 2,000 births each year on that date.

On average 2,000 births take place on September 26

That is a few hundred more than the 1,800 average that we would see if births were evenly distributed over the 365 days of the year.

To understand why this date is so popular, a few quick calculations show that the date arrives nine months or 39 weeks after Boxing Day.

It is still not clear why Boxing Day is particularly exciting for Brits.

The date comes nine months after Boxing Day
The date comes nine months after Boxing Day

The ONS believes that there is actually a more practical reason for the above-average number of babies born in September and that has to do with school.

They believe that parents try to deliver their child just before the start of the school year so that they are the oldest of the year and thus have a leg up on other students.

The ONS thinks the reason is school related
The ONS thinks the reason is school related

Meanwhile, The Journal of Social Sciences has taken a look at the birthdates of top celebrities, politicians and scientists and it looks like a lot has come out in January and February, especially between January 20 and February 18.

Examples are Harry Styles, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Another study by the UK’s Office of National Statistics found that babies born early in the year were entering decent careers.

Babies in January are the most likely to become a GP or debt collector, while those born a month later have a higher rate of becoming an artist.

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