Member Alert: Share Positive Consumer Reviews with ACA



We know ACA International members are doing their part every day to work with consumers and we want to share the positive feedback you get to help consumers manage their debt and find a viable solution.

In addition to consumer feedback, the ACA Advocacy Team invites members to share ideas, responses or successful communication strategies deployed in your office for inclusion in our advocacy campaigns.

Changing misconceptions people have about the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry is a group effort. We need help informing, and in some cases changing, the views of decision makers on debt collectors and collection practices.

Congress is considering several very bad ideas for the ARM industry, including the house’s debt collection improvement law. (See ACA letter to Congress on this legislation.)

We need to push back against misconceptions on topics such as medical debt collection practices, false accusations of abusive robocalls, or spam emails and texts. It is essential for us to explain to lawmakers why consumers want and need to hear from ACA members in a timely manner.

To submit your consumer reviews, click here.

To learn more about some of the issues the ACA is discussing in Washington, DC, check out the documents below.

The ACA Advocacy Book

Discussion Points of the Debt Collection Improvement Act

TCPA talking points

Impact of the National Defense Authorization Act on Members of ARM Industry and Services

Talking Points on Hunstein’s 11th Circuit Decision


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