Martin Lewis issues warning about people who refuse to pay their energy bills

MARTIN Lewis has issued a warning about a campaign calling on energy consumers to stop paying their energy bills.

The ‘Don’t Pay’ campaign is calling on households to stop paying their bills as suppliers post record profits as the energy crisis continues.


Martin Lewis has issued an urgent warning about the Don’t Pay campaign

The campaign compares its plans to the Poll Tax revolt in the late 1980s and 1990s.

He has 89,000 Twitter followers so far and points out that BP, Shell and British Gas have made “tens of billions in profits already this year… Don’t pay for their profits”.

But charities have warned households there could be “serious consequences” if they stop paying their bills.

For example, your supplier might appoint a debt collector to collect your money.

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Or a warrant could be granted which could allow your supplier to enter your home and install a prepaid card meter.

Martin Lewis issued a household warning about the move on ITV Peston Show.

He said: ‘The big movement I see is a growing increase in people calling for a process of non-payment of energy bills – in effect a consumer strike.

He said there will be “exponential problems” if people stop paying their bills and the government does not get the situation under control.

What help can I get to help me with my energy bills?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to escape rising energy prices.

As the cost of living and inflation rise, everyone is going to be affected.

However, help is available through various programs and funds.

British Gas has a hardship fund, which can mean you can lend up to £1,500 of free money for your bills.

If you have a prepaid meter, you may receive a one-time fuel voucher. You’ll need to contact your provider directly to see what’s on offer and if you might be eligible.

The Household Support Fund will also help support families during the cost of living crisis, providing you with money to pay your bills or food costs.

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed earlier this year that every household will receive a £400 cut on their energy bills.

Pensioners can also receive an additional £300 in November or December.

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If you’re having trouble with your bills, these organizations are here to help:

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