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A MONEY-saving expert has revealed daily tips everyone can try to combat ‘monstrous’ debt and the rising cost of living.

Santis O’Garro reveals how she got rid of €15,000 debt in one year by following these essential tips.


Santis O’Garro found herself with ‘monstrous’ debt but decided to take controlCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Instagram budgeting mentor Santis O'Garro shares his top money-saving tips


Instagram budgeting mentor Santis O’Garro shares his top money-saving tipsCredit: Instagram

From drastic fuel increases to skyrocketing energy bills, the cost of living is at an all-time high.

The Caribbean woman from Dublin has told how she got stuck with ‘bad money habits’.

She posted: “I was in debt and broke. Worst of all, I was broke. At my lowest I truly believed it would be best for everyone if I walked away.

“In my head, I thought I was a burden on my loved ones.”

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In 2018, Santis had a turning point and made it her mission to help others who are struggling financially.

The single mother advised people to identify ‘what was a want and what was a need’, speaking to Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio One today.

Santis explained how she was a “natural spendthrift” before deciding to confront “the monster that was debt”.

She said, “It’s almost like we have first world needs and then we have real needs which are your four walls, having your house having a place to live in.”

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Recognizing basic needs is key to saving money for Santis.

She continued: “You have to have a safe place, a safe place to live, you have to charge for your utilities.

“You have to have food, but I’m not talking about going to restaurants or Eddie Rockets, I’m talking about everyday food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I took all that off and that’s what I need to feed my family. I need heat to cook, to heat my house and to keep my children warm.


Santis explained that while it’s important to “step back,” it’s also important to have some joy.

She saves money for the kids to go to the euro shop or bargains, rather than buying sweets from the supermarket.

The money guru explained how important it is to draw your attention to the everyday mistakes you might make that burn a hole in your wallet.


First, she advised turning off light switches around the house, even a charger plugged in but not charging a phone could burn a hole in your pocket.

She said, “”I’m not just going to give away my money, what little I have. “


People can start saving money with his tips that can be applied even at home.

She continued, “Simple things like having your couch against the radiator and the radiators there to heat the room but it heats the back of the couch.”

The Financial Mentor encourages people to shop around and stick to your budget.

Santis said: “I’m not loyal to any supermarket, I’m not loyal to anyone. I am loyal to get the best deal for me and my family.

A big money saver is using cash envelopes.

She said, “If you put money in an envelope, can you enter a supermarket? You can only spend the money you have.


Meal planning plays a big role in her spending and identifying what she has in the fridge and what she needs.

She advised, “Make your meal plan around what you already have at home.”

The mother-of-two chooses own-brand products and monitors their food waste.

She warned: “I was researching this and it was £700 a year that the average family throws away.

“Now, with the expected inflation, it will cost us €1,300 more. So if we focus on even half of our food waste, we could take out $350. »


Santis also encourages people to think about streaming subscriptions and choose the service they really need.


Some of her followers have expressed concern about living with high-spending partners.

She indicated it could be “emotional spending” and advised having an “honest conversation” about spending.

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The savings expert, who has a large following on her Instagram under @thecaribbeandubis playing in six parts TEN series with Conor Pope titled The Price of Everything.

In the opening program, Conor and Santis learn how the weekly grocery store is stretched, causing some people to struggle just to get food on the table.

Santis O'Garro appears in a new series on RTÉ One The Price of Everything


Santis O’Garro appears in a new series on RTÉ One The Price of EverythingCredit: Instagram

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