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As promised, the Dare County Council of Commissioners, meeting on August 16, 2021, unanimously passed a resolution supporting the concept of the Dare County Tourism Council Event Center.

The concept was presented at the board meeting on August 2.

The resolution acknowledges support for the concept and allows for planning and consideration of the Nags Head Unified Development Order, authorizing North Carolina agencies regarding septic and storm water and construction funding and operations with Dare County and the County Tourism Board.

The commissioners, also as promised, tasked Collector Becky Huff to begin collecting taxes on current taxes based on the budgeted assessment of $ 16,312,781,089 and county and municipal gross levies of 100,683,146, $ 10. The order covers 2021 taxes for Dare County and the towns of Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Manteo, Southern Shores and Duck.

The total tax for each property in Dare County was released on August 17, 2021. The individual property tax amount is available on the Dare County Geographic Information System (GIS) at darenc.com. A copy of the tax bill will also be posted at darenc.com.

Tax bills will be mailed on August 19, 2021.

Tax bills are due September 1, 2021 but can be paid without interest until Wednesday January 5, 2022.

Commissioners made progress in funding the Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills Beach Food Project and in improving the County Justice Center.

The repayment resolution declares the county’s intention to reimburse itself for the expenses before debt financing is put in place.

The amount of the project in the resolution is $ 13 million. However, Kill Devil Hills reduced the amount of sand for their part of the project and Dare added the legal costs. The total funding estimate is now $ 11.4 million.

The courthouse improvement project totaling $ 373,768 includes the replacement of the roof, the court office carpet and the sound panels in courtrooms A, B and D as well as an upgrade. that only the fabric will need to be replaced in the future.

The adopted consent agenda included the Southern Albemarle Association annual meeting invitation list, the tax collector’s report, and a statewide mutual aid agreement with North Carolina Emergency Management. that streamlines the sharing of resources across the state.

Approval for the Dare County transportation system to hire a second full-time driver was also on the agenda. The county transportation department is deferring $ 216,000 in revenue from Transportation CARES to be used by June 30, 2022.

The commissioners held a closed session on the opioid settlement agreement. County District Attorney Robert L. Outten announced that the council has provided direction regarding the settlement.

In his opening remarks, Board Chairman Robert L. Woodard provided an update on the progress of the new College of The Albemarle campus. He announced that the project is 55% complete and that contractor Barnhill is expected to be completed in March 2022.

He briefed the NC 12 task force board of directors and spoke about the death of Mary Utz, whom he met in Spring Harbor.

For those whose health is compromised, a COVID-19 booster is available in Dare County. Register online at darenc.com/Register4vaccine or call the county COVID-19 hotline at 252-475-5008.

On August 11, senior officials in Dare County agreed to a unified policy calling for masks to be worn in all incorporated town and Dare County offices.

“It was the right thing to do at the time,” said Woodard.



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