Collector 3 gets a hopeful update from the original director

Exclusive: Writer/director Marcus Dunstan shares a hopeful update for The Collector 3, confirming that plans are underway to revive the project.

With a few years behind him, co-writer/director Marcus Dunstan has a hopeful update for The Collected. Dunstan co-created the horror film series with frequent writing partner Patrick Melton under the initial name The Midnight Manwhich was read at some point by the producers of the Seen franchise for a potential prequel. Although they wouldn’t move forward, Dunstan and Melton would both join the long-running horror franchise as lead writers. Saw IV through The last chapter and rework The Midnight Man in the years 2009 The Collector Between.

The Collector the films primarily focus on Josh Stewart’s Arkin O’Brien, a former convict desperate to repay a debt who attempts to rob a house, only to discover that the titular psychopath has set gruesome traps around the house. The sequel to 2012, The collection, sees Arkin escape from The Collector’s base and then hired by a wealthy man to help rescue his daughter from the horrible place. Both The Collector and The collection received generally negative reviews from critics and although the second underperformed at the box office, a third installment languished in development hell but could be closer to happening.


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While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant for his new movie InhumanMarcus Dunstan shared a hopeful update for The Collected. The co-writer/director revealed that interest has renewed for the horror trio and plans are underway to try and get the film back on track. Check out what Dunstan shared below:

“You know, I wouldn’t spoil anyone’s hopes, especially my own, and we have hope. Here’s the great thing, there are people working to get this back and it just took a long time. It’s been slow and I think there’s a lot to sort out but we’ll use our time to hope it all works out because we had a chance The coolest thing is you don’t know not all the time if when you go out that high aim will work. So it’s like, there’s no reason to do another one unless it’s the best. Then, man, we let’s get that tease back after we said, “Holy cow!” We never stopped talking and thinking in this universe and it was like, “Okay, there’s something here I’d fall for the sword every day” and I love it, it felt right. So it also keeps my hopes very high, I dream about it. I want to do this, I think it would be awesome al.”

Development on The Collected was a bumpy road, with original studio LD Entertainment originally commissioning the film two years later. The collection will hit theaters only to die in 2018. The horror trio would initially find new life a year later as Dunstan and Melton moved forward with Stewart returning alongside sequel star Emma Fitzpatrick and Halloween III: Season of the Witch star Tom Atkins is Arkin’s father. Initial start of production at the end of 2019, The Collected stopped filming within eight days as props were stolen from the set and the producers were no longer contacting Dunstan.

Dunstan’s latest comments regarding The Collected should be good news for fans of the horror franchise, especially compared to last year when the filmmaker expressed doubts about his revival due to the producers’ apparent disinterest. With the unique torture-based horror subsection enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the latest Seen film Spiral and the next hellraiser reboot, it makes sense that there may be new interest in The Collector 3 and give fans of the genre the trilogy they’ve been waiting to see for The collectionThe end of the cliffhanger. While audiences await further information on the film, they can rewatch the two The Collector and The collection streaming on Prime Video now.

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