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If you don’t already have a Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card, now might be a good time to consider one. While it’s already a top-notch no-annual-fee credit card with potentially flexible rewards, the card’s new enrollment offer really makes it a no-brainer.

First, new Chase Freedom Unlimited cardholders can earn $ 200 bonus cash back after spending $ 500 on purchases within the first three months of opening the account. Moreover, if you get the card now, you can also earn a huge 5% discount on your grocery store purchases (excluding Target or Walmart) in the first year you have the card, spending up to a maximum of $ 12,000.

If you’re a family spending $ 1,000 a month on groceries, getting 5% cash back for 12 months, you get a total cash back of an additional $ 600, which means this offer could theoretically equal to $ 800 in overall cash back when you add the extra $ 200 bonus.

Click here for the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card bonus offer.

But beyond the signup bonus, the Chase Freedom Unlimited is a great everyday credit card. It earns you 1.5% cash back on anything you buy, with no cap, and the cash back is easy to use as a statement credit or deposit to your checking or savings account, among other options.

On top of that, the Chase Freedom Unlimited offers three categories of bonuses, as you’ll earn 5% cash back on travel purchases made through Ultimate Rewards, 3% cash back on meals, and 3% cash back. in pharmacies, all without an annual ceiling.


The Chase Freedom Unlimited earns 3% cash back at drugstores.

Freedom Unlimited also earns 5% cash back on Lyft rides through March 2022 and offers a free three-month DoorPass membership, as well as 50% off DashPass for the following nine months.

Start earning bonus rewards on your food delivery orders with Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Other perks of Chase Freedom Unlimited include an introductory 15-month introductory APR of 0% on purchases (variable APR from 14.99% to 23.74% thereafter), which might be a good option if you are facing unexpected expenses and temporarily have to go into debt. You’ll also get purchase protection and extended warranty protection with the card.

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The Chase Freedom Unlimited is a great choice for those who want to make money with their credit card, but also have the option of more flexibility when it comes to their credit card rewards. This is because there is a way to get even more from the card than just cash back.

If you combine Chase Freedom Unlimited with a Premium Ultimate Rewards card, such as Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve, you can convert your Freedom Unlimited cash back into Chase Ultimate Rewards points at a ratio of 1 cent to 1. point, and transfer the points to your premium Chase card.

Once you have converted your rewards into points, you can redeem them according to the options available on your premium card. This means you can redeem them on the Chase Travel Portal, where your points are worth between 1.25 cents each with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and 1.5 cents each with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

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Combine Chase Freedom Unlimited with Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards for more valuable rewards.

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Combine Chase Freedom Unlimited with Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards for more valuable rewards.

You can also use Chase’s “Money Back” tool, which allows you to redeem points for purchases you’ve made in eligible categories. For both Sapphire cards, these categories are currently grocery stores, food service establishments (including delivery and take out), and home improvement stores.

And when you redeem points with the “Pay Back” tool by September 30, you’ll get the same value as redeeming them for travel on the Chase Travel Portal, which means customers with the Sapphire Reserve cards receive 1.5 cents per point on these exchanges, while Sapphire Preferred cards receive 1.25 cents per point.

This means that when you pair the Chase Freedom Unlimited with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, the 1.5% cash back you earn on all your purchases with the Freedom Unlimited can turn into 1.875 cents per value point when redeemed. against travel or via the “Money Back” tool. And the 5% cash back in grocery stores could be worth up to 6.25 cents per point when redeemed using these options.

Find out if you qualify for the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card.

But believe it or not, there is another way to get even more value for your Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards. Once you’ve converted your money into points with an Unlimited Rewards premium credit card, you can also transfer them to any of Chase’s 13 airline and hotel loyalty partners, such as Hyatt, Marriott, JetBlue, Southwest and United, at a 1- to-1 ratio.

While transferring points to Chase’s airline and hotel partners requires doing some homework and learning about these programs to really maximize them, the value can even far exceed the increased reimbursements from the Chase Travel Portal and the “Refund” tool.

At that rate, the 1.5% cash back you earn on daily purchases with the Chase Freedom Unlimited could be equivalent to a return of 3 cents per point. And 5% in cash back on groceries earns a whopping 10 cents per point. So if you are hoping for a great vacation when you return from the trip, you have that option with your Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards.

Apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card now.

If you plan to use your credit card rewards for travel, keep the cash back you earn with the Chase Freedom Unlimited and convert it to points down the line.


If you plan to use your credit card rewards for travel, keep the cash back you earn with the Chase Freedom Unlimited and convert it to points down the line.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Chase Freedom Unlimited is subject to Chase’s “5/24” rule. This is an unpublished Chase application restriction which means that if you have obtained five or more personal credit cards from all banks in the past 24 months, your application for a new Chase card will automatically be denied. Most people don’t apply for a credit card often, so you probably won’t have to worry too much about 5/24, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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While Chase Freedom Unlimited’s 1.5% fixed cash back rate is a very solid cash back but not quite the market leader, it is just below the competing Citi® Double Cash Card, which earns 2% cash back on everything you buy – 1% when you make a purchase and another 1% when you pay for it.

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However, Citi Double Cash does not offer any bonus categories, while Chase Freedom Unlimited offers 3% bonus categories for restaurants and pharmacies, plus 5% cash back when booking travel through the portal. travel Chase. Depending on where you spend your money, you may be better off with a Chase Freedom Unlimited compared to a Citi Double Cash.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the Chase Freedom Unlimited sign-up bonus for new applicants – $ 200 cash back, plus 5% cash back on groceries up to $ 12,000 in purchases for. the first year of account. The Citi Double Cash card does not have a signup bonus at all, so no matter how you redeem your rewards, you are definitely better off using the Chase Freedom Unlimited card for grocery purchases for the. next year.

Get 5% cash back on your grocery store purchases with the Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Chase Freedom Unlimited also takes another step ahead of Citi Double Cash with its purchase protection and 15-month introductory purchase offer. But if you’re looking for a card that offers the ability to help you with your existing debt, the Citi Double Cash card offers an introductory 0% APR for 18 months on balance transfers made in the first four months after opening. of the card (13.99% to 23.99% variable APR thereafter). Unfortunately, the Chase Freedom Unlimited does not have a similar benefit.

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If you are looking for a no annual fee card that not only offers a solid enrollment offer but potentially flexible rewards, then the answer to the above question is yes! Especially if you can pair it with another Chase Ultimate Rewards card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited is definitely worth a look as a great everyday credit card that you can use almost anywhere you go.

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