Boebert appears not to have paid off court-ordered debt, records show


A 2017 debt, assessed at U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) restaurant by Garfield County Court, remains unpaid, according to court records released in response to a filing request by the Colorado Time Recorder

Garfield court judge Jonathan Pototsky assessed a lien on Boebert’s restaurant, Shooters Grill, after Boebert and an employee, who had been sued by a debt collector, both failed to respond to court proceedings in the matter.

Boebert and his employee did not appear at two court hearings. She received and ignored a subpoena to appear at one of the hearings.

Shooters Grill ignored Pototsky’s possible order to garnish the employee’s salary, so the judge ordered a lien in the amount of $ 2,578, which included the employee’s original debt, plus attorney fees, court costs and interest, be set up.

According to a Garfield Court document explaining the process, it is up to the entity that owes the money (in this case Professional Finance Company, which is now called Maritime finance) to alert the court when a court-imposed debt has been paid, and therefore it is possible that Shooters Grill paid off its debt and Mariner Finance simply did not notify the court.

However, the debtor (in this case, Shooters Grill) may contact the creditor (Mariner Finance) to ask them to file the necessary documents to update the court.

Boebert’s office did not respond to an email asking if the MP’s restaurant had paid off its debt. Likewise, Mariner Finance did not respond to a request to know if Shooters Grill has paid off the debt.

The situation has not changed since the Colorado Times Recorder reported this case in June, after first covering it in October 2021.

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Boebert’s inability to respond to Garfield County court in this garnishment case is part of a pattern, ahead of his election to Congress, of ignoring orders from Colorado courts.

Just before her election to Congress last year, U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) finished paying the state of Colorado nearly $ 20,000 in back taxes owed by his restaurant, Shooters Grill, located in Rifle.

The debt has taken the form of eight tax liens assessed since 2016 for non-payment of unemployment insurance. The debt resulting from the garnishment case gave rise to a ninth lien, but unlike the other liens, it was a judgment lien and was owed to a private party.

Over the past six years, Boebert has failed to appear at court hearings in two minor and easy-to-process criminal cases, resulting in first arrest warrants and then two actual arrests, which left a traces of fingerprints and identity photos that have been brought to light. by his adversaries.

Boebert after an arrest in 2017.

Now Boebert laughs at his arrest record, saying, “I even took a nice picture of it.”

Below is an email I sent to Boebert’s communications director Ben Stout requesting information on the 2017 garnishment case (case # 2015 C 030 346):

Hi Ben:

I hope everything is okay.

Can you please tell me if Rep Boebert paid the lien / debt referenced in this article?

Garfield County Court assessed a lien on Shooters Grill after Representative Boebert failed to garnish an employee’s wages. The debt was therefore tempted to be collected via a lien on Shooters Grill.

Garfield County Court has no record of payment of the debt.

However, this may be because the debtor, Personal Finance Company, did not notify the court.

Representative Boebert may have to push them to inform the court, if she paid for it and wants to clear the file.

If she hasn’t paid off the debt, I hope you’ll tell me why she hasn’t.

Thank you for studying this and coming back to me.

Jason Salzman, Colorado Times Recorder


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