ATRI: My Dear Moments TV Anime Announced

Aniplex has announced an anime television adaptation of its film ATRI: My Dear Moments, a title released by visual novel brand ANIPLEX.EXE. A release date has yet to be announced.

ATRI: My Dear Moments first went on sale on June 18, 2020, followed by Switch, iOS, and Android on December 16, 2021. It has since been downloaded over 70,000 times.

Among the anime television staff are:

  • Original Work: ATRI: Dear Moments (ANIPLEX.EXE)
  • My own design and writing: Asuta Konno (Frontwing)
  • Drawings and illustrations: Yusano / Moto4.
  • Director: Makoto Kato
  • The series is composed of Jukki Hanada.
  • Animation studio: TROYCA

Here is the official synopsis of the game’s story.

In the near future, a sudden and unexplained rise in the sea has left most of human civilization underwater. After a hard life in the city, Ikaruga Natsuki found his old country house half bathed by the sea.

In a family, he has nothing to say. He has a major grandmother, an oceanologist, whom he inherited with his name: ship and submarine, and his debts.

His only hope to restore the dreams he lost is to seize the opportunity given to him by the suspicious debt collector. The trip took the stern wind from her grandmother’s lab and uncovered the ruins, so they could find the treasure she was missing.

There are no riches or jewels, but rather a strange girl sleeping in a coffin at the other end of the sea.


Atri is a robot, but her appearance and the richness of her emotions would trick anyone into believing she is a living, breathing human being. She told Natsuki for some reason that she was seeing her again but deserved her help.

I want to run my main command. I can’t do a little until I can do it.

In a slow city the size of a mountain on the edge of an ocean, an unforgettable summer is brewing for this mysterious robot boy and girl.

Watch the video below. Visit the official site here. Follow @ATRI_anime on Twitter.


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